SETA – Marketing and Publishing – we need a Break too !

With SETA and the ongoing focus on skills development in various sectors of industry, as well as my regular hefty daily workload, I have been battling to keep up with all that is required of me to provide quality work. Then I had a brainwave ! Why not do an exercise showcasing a local South African business that is in fact implementing all the SETA guidelines and making steady advances in the areas of marketing and publishing. Enter….Discover Zanzibar, a boutique South African Travel Booking agency that specializes in sourcing the best value Zanzibar Hotels and accommodation for its clients. Who knows ? Maybe I score a free holiday to Zanzibar for my efforts. I wish !

MAPPP-SETA means – Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing, and Packaging Sector Education Training Authority

A holiday is a great way of getting over your demanding job and making some time for you. When you always swamped with work or family, you never have the time to pamper yourself or your needs. If you are a mother and also work full time, the last thing on your mind is a holiday getaway.
It comes as no surprise when you are a parent with children who are always making you feel older than you already are. This should not worry you because even parents need to get away from everything sometimes. If you have finally managed to twist your husband’s arm to take some time off work for a holiday, Zanzibar is the perfect holiday destination to travel to. Discover Zanzibar have been doing a fantastic job of implementing the MAPPP-SETA guidelines into their work structures and policies, resulting in an extremely well trained and knoweledgable staff compliment that works flawlessly under pressure. In fact the harder things get, the tighter the team seems to knit.

Discover Zanzibar have developed a range of tailor made Zanzibar packages for people wishing to take a well deserved holiday away, leaving the local stress far behind them. These Zanzibar packages have been well thought out and planned, put together after months of building relationships with resort owners and resulting in some of the most appealing Zanzibar holiday offers available.

Here’s why their Zanzibar packages are so popular:

•    Peace and quiet: Children are a great blessing but they can also get quite tiring. If you are a married couple with a very hands on father, playing mother all day is not a problem. However, even if you do get help from your spouse or the nanny, you also need time out just to recover. Zanzibar gives you that and more. The city is a beautiful place with so much affection and joy that will recharge your supermom batteries in no time. Once you have children, you never really have time to bond and do the romantic things as husband and wife. Zanzibar gives you the opportunity to make up for lost time.
•    Location: You will be surprised how much change a new environment can bring. A new surrounding has the ability to make you think efficient and effectively. Any relationship deserves a new location every once in a while because this gives the couple better and greater ways of making their relationship more exciting.
•    Learning: You never too old to learn and sometimes being on vacation can educate you on the finer things you might have forgotten in your marriage. A holiday in Zanzibar can make you see things differently and creatively too. When you have been together for a long time, you loosen up and move toward a comfort zone in your relationship. Seeing other couples and how they do things can make you appreciate the things you might have forgotten in your companionship.
•    Hotels and Food: Who doesn’t want to be pampered by greatness every day? Who doesn’t want to be wined and dined with the finest gourmets and different cocktails? No one, Zanzibar has some spectacular hotels and villas to offer. These hotels comprises of spas, gyms and swimming pools. The hotels offer great service with exceptional food. The food is prepared by chefs who make sure you not only full but delighted with the menu.
•    Forget your 9-5: We know the stress of having to prepare a presentation in 30 minutes or being given insufficient instructions to pull off an amazing project. We know how stressful it can be to always be on top of your corporate or entrepreneur game. We also know you need some time to recuperate. You need to think about what your body needs and less of what your boss commands. Zanzibar is a great place to unwind and not think about reports and deadlines. You will be surprised how much restoration that does to your mind. You get to think straight and when you go back to work, you will be ready to attack all your work demons.
•    The lovely Zanzibar: Above everything else, Zanzibar is a great place to visit. It has a lot of great things to do and beaches to visit so a holiday in this Tanzanian city is not something one would regret.